Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mutli-sided shape optical illusion maze by maze artist Yonatan Frimer

Optical illusion multi-sided shape mazeIn theory this shape would be considered as some sort of hexagon, a shape with six sides to it, I would stop short of actually calling it that; because two of the lines are at an angle which no longer makes it recognisable as said hexegon. This shape sort of looks like a squished crude drawing of the continent of Australia. The land of Kangaroos and Koalas. The island continent at the bottom of the globe surrounded by oceans. The psychedelic pattern entrenched upon the maze makes this a very interesting puzzle to solve. The maze has clearly marked entrances and exits using directional arrows. It shouldn't take you that long to solve, so get started.

Solved this maze and ready for the next? Can't solve the maze, well then you'll be interested in the solution to this maze and also the next maze.

The solution to the previous maze, the maze of spades optical illusion is below:

Maze solution for Maze of spades: