Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coca Cola Maze Ad Sample by Yonatan Frimer

Coco-Cola Maze | Coca-Cola Campaign | Maze Ad

Psychedelic maze of a Coca Cola glass with bubbles and coke in it by Yonatan Frimer.
Coca Cola Classic Maze | Maze with Bubbles | Maze Ads | Yonatan Frimer

Ad Sample for Coca-Cola that I made to pitch the idea of making Coca Cola ads with mazes. After doing some elaborate research, I was able to contact the marketing department of Coca Cola, some advertising firm, most of which the information was on Wikipedia and the articles in the citation section. I emailed the CEO of that ad firm and she referred me to one of her VP's and they said they'll consider it and never got back to me. So if you are a coca-cola and want rights for this image, contact the artist. Thanks.

These ads where created for sample purpose only and have not been used in any actual campaign by Coca-Cola and do not represent their brand.

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