Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pulsating Diamond Maze and Maze Solution - Optical illusion Mazes by Yonatan Frimer

Pulsating Diamond Maze - Optical Illusion

Diamond pulse maze art by Yonatan Frimer
Maze of artists rendition of a pulsating diamond. The viewer is encouraged to stare blindingly at the maze and allow the pulses of the design really get active and loud. Some people don't see it right away, because their mind is distracted, but they do see it once they cool off a bit. The pulze maze is an optical illusion that uses the burning aspect of retinal digestion in which your eye sees a ghost of a shape after it is gone and the contrast in the image makes the minor back-and-forth element of a person sitting, ever so slight, that as a result the pulsing sensation is reported by most viewers.

If you can't solve this maze, have a look at the pulse diamond maze solution

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